Pretty Perfect Ponies  - A hand picked selection of children's ponies for sale
About Us
Proper lead rein ponies are hard to find. You sometimes hear of old ponies who have taught many young riders to ride, however the ponies are well into their twilight years, and still have a waiting list of eager parents wanting them on loan to teach their beloved children the ropes.
I decided that the only way to provide my own children with good lead rein ponies was to produce them myself. 
Pretty Perfect Ponies was set up with exactly this idea in mind. Whilst no pony is 100% perfect, you must remember that they are animals not machines, I aim to train them so that they are 'pretty perfect'!!
As a mother of three young children with a lifetime of equine experience, from gymkhanas on unruly shaggy ponies, to success as a point to point jockey, owner and trainer. I take pride in producing proper kids ponies. They may not be showing superstars or the next top showjumping pony, but they are honest and sensible and waiting to make new friends.
All of our ponies, without exception, are hand picked for their suitablilty at 1 to 3 years of age. They must be well put together mentally and physically. They all mature to approx 11.0 to 13.0 hands. They are allowed plenty of time to get to know us, settle in and grow before they undergo our training programme.
The ponies are taught to cope with everything from small children, loud dogs, flapping ducks, noisy tractors, to lawn mowers, flying kites, loud bangs and fast cars!
The ponies are handled daily by small children and ridden regularly on the lead rein. They are all good to be led, groomed and fed by even the tiniest of helpers. They all load in the trailer and are good in and out of the stable. All the ponies are taken to shows or pleasure rides so that they encounter other horses and are accustomed to things away from their home environment.
All the ponies have their feet trimmed regularly by our farrier and their teeth checked by an approved equine dentist during their stay with us. They are vaccinated against Equine Flu and Tetanus and all have Passports.
Our ponies are offered for sale from 4 years of age. This means they have plenty of years ahead of them. They may be passed down through families and friends just for use on the lead rein or may grow into ideal first ridden or second ponies. Perhaps one day they will be the old ponies with a waiting list of eager young riders!
All we ask is that if you are not experienced with ponies, we recommend that you keep your pony in a livery yard where you can get help and advice or at least have regular visits from an experienced horsey person in order for both child and pony to become friends safely and happliy.
We thrive on our good reputation. We aim to provide ponies who will give endless hours of fun to any pony mad child. We have great trial facilites and encourage parents to bring children to try a pony at least twice before purchasing one. We also encourage you to bring a horsey friend or riding instructor to give their opinion. All of our ponies are open to any veterinary inspection. 
Always remember that ponies are animals and not machines. Where children and ponies are involved there will always be accidents.We encourage all children to wear riding hats and body protectors at all times when mounted, and to keep their hats on whilst handling the ponies. Parents should always supervise even the most confident child when they are around ponies.
We can give plenty of advice on how to look after your pony.
We can supply tack and rugs if required (at extra cost).
We are also able to deliver ponies to their new homes (at extra cost).